The Minister of Public Utilities

Minister Marvin Gonzales brings an outstanding record of public service to bear on his appointment as Minister of Public Utilities in the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Portfolio

The Public Utilities Portfolio is essential to the government providing Utilities services to the masses, at an affordable rate. What we do impacts the standard of living of every single individual in the country. The Ministry of Public Utilities, in its current form, is responsible for: Electrical inspections (via the Government Electrical Inspection Division – […]

Our Permanent Secretary

Ms. Duke brings to her role at the Ministry of Public Utilities a milieu of experiences spanning Research and Planning, Human Resource Management and Strategic Planning.

Our History

What we now know as the Ministry of Public Utilities first came into being through the Public Utilities Commission Act, No. 15 of 1966 which came into focus on 1st August, 1966. The Ministry of Public Utilities has gone from being responsible for Harbours and Wharves, Public Transport, Civil Aviation and the Government Printery, to […]

Our Deputy Permanent Secretary

Mrs. Cherryl-Ann Solomon is a Career Public Servant with over 34 years of Services. However, prior to her assignment at the Ministry of Public
Utilities she was assigned…

Organisational Structure

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Our Vision

To become an organization dedicated to excellence in the delivery of public utilities services for the sustainability of our country and an improved quality of life for all citizens .

Our Strategic Priorities

The Ministry is committed to achieving the Vision 2030 goal ‘to transform Trinidad and Tobago into a developed country, sustaining growth and development and optimising the quality of life of all citizens’. As such, the Ministry has identified the following Strategic Priorities: Priority 1: Improving Access to Public Utilities; Priority 2: Attaining Operational Excellence; Priority […]

Our Standards of Service

Our Promise to You is to :-

  • Be respectful, caring and attentive
  • Answer your calls promptly and respond appropriately
  • Respond to your telephone enquiries within one (1) working day
  • Acknowledge your letters within ten (10) working days
  • Acknowledge your emails and web-based comments or queries within one (1) working day
  • Acknowledge your applications within one (1) month of receipt
  • Ensure that our website is user-friendly and regularly updatges
  • Provide adequate information on all oour programmes and services
  • Provide responses in clear, consise and professional language
  • Provide contact informaiton for the relevant officer, should you require additional information
  • Contact you, should additional information be required for your application

Our Mission

To facilitate the effective delivery of efficient, affordable and quality public utilities services through a committed, resourceful team of professionals in close collaboration with all stakeholders.

Our Mandate

To provide effective and efficient leadership and governance in the delivery of public utilities services to the citizenry of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Critical Success Factors

Our Ministry has identified the five under-mentioned critical success factors as being central to the implementation of our strategic priorities: Appropriate methods of measurements, policies, programs and operational procedures manuals established within a Monitoring & Evaluation framework; Sound legal and regulatory capacity; Quality Assurance and Standards for all Activities under the purview of the MPU […]

Our Core Values

Integrity We shall do the right thing at all times and in all circumstances. Service excellence We shall endeavour to ensure the highest standards of service to our clients. Accountability We shall accept responsibility for our performance and disclose the results in a transparent manner. Trust and mutual respect We shall value the diversity of […]

Our Core Business

The Ministry of Public Utilities provides oversight of the Utility Sector. Its mandate is to ensure the delivery of quality utility services at affordable rates to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Divisions

The Meteorological Services Division of the Ministry of Public Utilities

Meteorological Services Division

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS) is Trinidad and Tobago’s national meteorological service and the government agency responsible for providing a range of critical weather and climate data, information, products and services to help safeguard life and property,   to help stakeholders make more informed decisions and for sustainable development planning.

The Government Electrical Inspectorate Division, of the Ministry of Public Utilities

Government Electrical Inspectorate Services Division

The Government Electrical Inspectorate Division (GEID) was established by the Electricity, on January 1, 1946 and is governed by the Electrical Installations (Buildings) Act. The functions of the Inspectorate afford members of the public a degree of comfort ensuring that their building’s electrical wiring system has met a satisfactory standard of safety. Further, the public can be assured the practical safeguarding of all persons and their property from hazards, which may arise from the usage of electricity.