Street Lighting and the Illumination of Public Facilities

The Ministry of Public Utilities (MPU) is committed to the provision of a safe and reliable supply of electricity services to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. One key area is the provision of street lighting services, which is aimed at providing greater illumination to roadways, highways, public spaces and communities. The programme started in 2005 and was expanded in 2007, to include the illumination of public places such as facilities under the jurisdiction of the Regional Health Authorities, Taxi Stands and Grounds of Police Stations.

The Street Lighting Programme is implemented by T&TEC through its Public Lighting Department. The programme is administered by the Sectoral Programmes and Projects Unit of the MPU and is funded under the Ministry’s Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP).

Programme Benefits

  • Promotion of healthier lifestyle through night-time recreational activities
  • Greater accessibility to recreational facilities at night
  • Safer, well-lit communities
  • Safer roadways and communities
  • Enhanced community spirit
  • Improved quality of life for citizens


Services offered by the Street Lighting Programme

  • Street lighting
  • Illumination of Parks and Recreation Grounds
  • Illumination of Public Spaces
  • Illumination of the Grounds of Police Stations
  • Illumination of Regional Health Authorities (RHA) Facilities
  • Illumination of Taxi Stands


Applications for the National Street Lighting Programme once made to either the Public Lighting Department at T&TEC or the Ministry of Public Utilities should include the reason for the request (Such as safety or security concerns), number of beneficiaries, light pole numbers and a contact number for the person residing in the area.
In cases where streetlights are required for major roadways, these requests are made by the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure. All requests received by the Ministry are then forwarded to T&TEC.


How to apply for Street lighting and the Illumination of Public Facilities:

Street lighting

Requests for Streetlights within your area should be directed to your Regional Corporation. Where street lights are required for major roadways, a request should be sent to the Ministry of Works and Transport.

Requests can also be made to the Honourable Minister or the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Utilities and the Public Lighting Department of T&TEC

Illumination of Public Spaces, Parks & Recreation Grounds
Requests for Illumination of Public Spaces, Parks and Recreation Grounds should be made in writing to the Ministry of Public Utilities. The requests may also be submitted through the following:
  • Member of Parliament (MP)
  • Local Government Councillor
  • Municipal/Regional Corporation
  • Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC)

In the case of Grounds of Police Stations, Regional Health Authorities (RHA) Facilities and Taxi Stands these requests can come to the Ministry of Public Utilities through the various line Ministries.

Applications and questions should be directed to:
The Sectoral Programmes and Projects Unit
Ministry of Public Utilities

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