Residential Electrification Assistance Programme (REAP)

The Residential Electrification Assistance Programme (also known as REAP)

Historical Background

Access to electricity is one of the main drivers of sustained economic development, and for improving the quality of life of the people in all communities. The Ministry of Public Utilities is committed to improving the social and economic wellbeing of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, through the provision of a safe and reliable supply of electricity services.

The Electrical Inspectorate Division, in addressing the requirement for condition inspections, has noted that there are homes, which are in urgent, need of wiring/rewiring as a prerequisite to accessing electricity. The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission has also advised of the indiscriminate and unsafe use of electricity in residential environments. Homeowners, however complain of their inability to afford the wiring/rewiring of their homes especially in rural communities throughout the country. The Residential Electrification Assistance Programme (REAP) seeks to accelerate residential access to an adequate supply of electricity in a safe and reliable manner by:

    1. bringing electricity to communities (excluding squatter communities) not currently served and
    2. assisting home owners in the wiring of their homes.


This Programme is in alignment with the Government’s Policy to promote sustainable development by empowering communities. It also complements other Government’s policies that:

  1. combat poverty;
  2. stimulate employment and equality of opportunity;
  3. foster rural-urban equity;
  4. significantly improve the quality of life by its positive impact on health and living standards;
  5. facilitates the development of entrepreneurial opportunities; and
  6. provide greater access to telecommunication services, including high-speed Internet service.

Programme Outcomes

  • A safe and reliable supply of electricity to qualified recipients throughout the country
  • House wiring assistance to an estimated One hundred (100) households per fiscal.
  • Reduction in the quantum of residential fires due to faulty electrical wiring.

Programme Components

The Programme comprises of:-

  • First time wiring - Seeks to assist low-income homeowners who cannot afford to wire their homes for electricity.
  • Rewiring- seeks to rewire low-income homes where the electrical wiring is faulty and not up to the electrical standard.

Target Groups

  • The applicant must be a legal resident or citizen of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Low-income households (with total household income not exceeding $7000).
  • Social Welfare Beneficiaries (Disability Grants, or Public Assistance).
  • Pensioner -Senior Citizens (sixty-five years and over)
  • Victims of Natural disasters including persons affected by fire.

Documents Required

  • Completed Application Form
  • A Valid form of Identification - (ID/DP/Passport)
  • Land Document - ( Land Deed, Certificate of Title, Certificate of Comfort)
    1. In the event that the owner of the land has died, the applicant must present a death certificate and a letter of administration certifying that he / she has permission to conduct business of any sort on the land.
    2. If the deed does not belong to the applicant, he/she must provide a letter from the owner of the land giving T&TEC permission to install the necessary electrical infrastructure on the land. The applicant must also provide a valid copy of the Identification Card of the owner.
    3. Copy of Land Document for Squatting Communities - (Certificate of Comfort or Letter of non-objection from State Agency/Enterprise indicating occupancy).
  • Proof of Income (Job Letter & Pay slip) for all adult persons living within the home MUST be submitted (including that of pensioners, disability, NIS, etc.) In cased where persons are self-employed - a letter attesting to income for self-employment.

Target for Fiscal 2021

The Residential Electrification Assistance Programme (REAP) offers one-time assistance to eligible persons whose homes have never been wired or where the existing electrical wiring is old and faulty, and may pose severe fire risks, or may not meet the approved electrical standards. Fiscal 2021 aims at providing house wiring assistance to One Hundred (100) households in Trinidad and Tobago.


REAP Application Form:

download below or collect from any of the following locations:

  • the Ministry of Public Utilities, Head Office
  • TTConnect Offices
  • Member of Parliament Offices
  • Councillor's Offices
Completed forms should be dropped off at the Ministry of Public Utilities Head Office

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