Our Permanent Secretary

Profile of Ms. Nicolette Duke

Ms. Nicolette Duke assumed duty as Permanent Secretary (Ag.) in the Ministry of Public Utilities on March 20, 2019.

Ms. Duke brings to her role at the Ministry of Public Utilities a milieu of experiences spanning Research and Planning, Human Resource Management and Strategic Planning, acquired over many years of endeavour at the middle to senior management and executive levels at Ministries/Agencies/Departments in the Public Sector.

Of her personal life philosophy, Ms. Duke says: “I am convinced that who and where we are today, our detours, trials, accomplishments and triumphs are all part of a grander plan at work in each of our lives.  There is a tapestry of experiences, events and individual connections that has been woven into our journey, bringing growth and strength”.

Ms. Duke believes that in the spirit of that philosophy, there are always great opportunities to mutually engage our unique and diverse capabilities and thereby exponentially advance our collective sense of accomplishment as a team.  In this regard, Ms. Duke commits to bringing service, partnership, and collaboration to her engagement with all staff and stakeholders of the Ministry of Public Utilities, as we work together to enhance the quality of life of citizens through the effective delivery of quality public utilities services.