Tourism Highlights

The Royal Botanic Gardens: The Royal Botanic Gardens in Trinidad and Tobago is located in Port of Spain. The Gardens, which were established in 1818, are situated just north of the Queen's Park Savannah. This is one of the oldest Botanic Gardens in the world

Emperor Valley Zoo: The Emperor Valley Zoo is the only zoo in Trinidad and Tobago. It is located north of the Queen's Park Savannah and West of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Port of Spain. The zoo was first opened on 8 November 1952 by Governor Sir Hubert Rance.

The Queens Park Savannah: Known locally as simply "the Savannah", it is Port of Spain's largest open green space. It occupies about 260 acres (110 ha) of level land, and the distance around the perimeter is about 2.2 mi (3.5 km).

The Savannah hosts many major events during the carnival season and is prized for the Grand Stand and stage which Carnival bands have traditionally crossed since the mid 1900’s.

The Magnificent Seven: The Magnificent Seven, a group of late-Victorian buildings built in an eccentric and flamboyant variety of styles, are located around the Queens Park Savannah. They include: Queen's Royal College; the residences of the Anglican bishop (Hayes Court) and the Roman Catholic archbishop; Whitehall, once a private residence, now the office of the prime minister; Mille Fleurs, the future home of the Law Association; Ambard’s House, an ornate black-and-white chateau-like building that remains a private residence; and Stollmeyer's Castle, a turreted house supposedly modelled after Scotland’s Balmoral Castle.

Fort George: Formerly called La Vigie, Fort George is situated on the hills to the North of St. James overlooking the Gulf of Paria. The fort, which was part of a complex of fortifications, is the best destination for one of the most spectacular views of Port of Spain and the sea. Built in 1804 under the direction of the then British Governor, Brigadier-General Sir Thomas Hislop, the fortifications at Fort George consist of sea defences and a series of supporting batteries.

Pan Yards: In the lead-up to Carnival, people flock to pan yards across the country to hear the sweet sounds of pan and to cheer on their favourite bands as they prepare for Panorama, a national steel pan competition held during the Carnival season. Some of the notable steel pan bands based in Port of Spain are: BP Renegades, Massy Trinidad All Stars, HADCO Phase II, Desperadoes, Proman Starlift and Shell Invaders.