About the Water Loss Specialist Group

The Water Loss Specialist Group is one of the most active Specialist Groups of the International Water Association (IWA). Its mission is:

To provide leadership in the development of effective and sustainable international best practice in water loss management

Key objectives include:

  • Investigation of new best practices in water loss management
  • Updating of existing documents, manuals & processes, for their free distribution
  • Promotion of new technologies from around the world
  • Organization, promotion and support of regional conferences, events, and awareness programs
  • Introduction and mentoring of new and young talent to water loss reduction and management
  • Encouraging diversity and gender balance across all activities delivered by the WLSG
  • Creation of relationships and sharing of knowledge with Water Associations around the world
  • Building relationships with Funding Institutions and Development Banks, to assist them in promoting and investing in best practices to reduce water losses

The WLSG is chaired by Stuart Hamilton (UK), its Management Committee has 20 members from 17 countries, guiding over 1,500 IWA WLSG members and reaching out on a regular basis to over 4,000 active professionals working on water loss reduction and management on all continents.