Conference talks

All presentations from the Caribbean Regional Water Loss Conference 2023 are available for download in the table below:

Presentation name
20 Year Domestic Water Demand Forecast for TT - Shehnaaz Salim Download
An integrated NRW target setting approach - Colombia - Fabio Garzon Download
Applying Best Practice to Reduce Leakage in Troublesome DMAs using Smart Solutions and Technologies - UK - Tom Crowder Download
Caribbean Development Bank in the Water Sector - CDB - Dwayne Squires Download
Climate Financing for NRW Performance-based Contracts - David Ehrhardt Download
Climate Information Services to Mitigate Water Loss - CMO - Arlene Laing Download
Commercial Loss Reduction in Kingston Jamaica - Katherine Paleracio Download
Energy Savings through NRW - Andre Brown Download
Engaging Young Water Professionals in the Water Sector - Joseph Butterfield Download
Environmental Concerns associated with NRW TT - George Sammy Download
Global Experiences with Performance-Based Contracts for NRW Reduction - David Ehrhardt Download
Honduras NRW Challenge - Jorge Bellagamba Download
Hydraulic Model as a Main Tool for Water Distribution System Mgmt - Igor Dundovic Download
Integrating Acoustic Leak Detetion into Smart Water Metering - USA - Jose Mena Download
KPIs in KSA_Portmore NRW Co-management Programs - Jamaica - Jermaine Jackson Download
Leak Detection in Transmission Pipelines for NRW Minimization - Ana Cozar Download
Leak Detection Technologies and Strategies in Portmore - Andre Brown Download
Managing Head Loss in Water Transmission and Distribution Systems - TT - Goldie Davis Download
Network Zoning and Automation of DMAs - Elio Arniella Download
NRW and Water Resources Management - Implications of Inaction - Keith Meade Download
NRW Assessment and Reduction pilot study - WASA Pilot Project Results - Kelvin Romain Download
Performance Based Co-Management Contacts - Jamaica - Garwaine Johnson Download
Principles required for the formation of DMA - Guyana - David Merell Download
Using Acoustic Sensors to Deretmine Leak Flow Rate - Joseph Butterfield Download
Using Acoustic Technology to Transform Leak Detection - Joseph Butterfield Download
Using Fuzzy Logic to provide decision support for Water Distribution - Richard Ali_Nadine Sangster Download
Using Satellite RADAR Imagery to Detect Leaks from Potable Water Pipes - United States - John Stevens Download
Using Water quality and customer complaints as a monitoring tool for water loss - Nishana Ramsawak Download
Veolia Water Loss Management - France - David Maisonneuve Download
Water Information Management System and its Benefits to NRW Project Development - Candice Santana Download
Why Palms are Important for Leakage - UK - Jo Parker Download