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Senator, the Honourable Robert Le Hunte

Our Minister of Public Utilities

Senator Robert Le Hunte assumed the portfolio as Minister of Public Utilities in September 2017.

Prior to his appointment as Minister, Senator Le Hunte has been a career banker for over thirty (30) years, the majority of which was spent at the Managerial and Executive levels. Read more



In the attainment of Sustainable Development for Trinidad and Tobago, Government has identified one of its goals as the transformation of Trinidad and Tobago...
The provision of a reliable electricity supply, to both commercial and residential customers, is essential to the fulfilment of Government’s expressed...
The national operator in the Postal Sector in Trinidad and Tobago is the Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation (TTPost)...
Throughout the world, Governments face the challenge of delivering sufficient levels of efficient infrastructure investment to support economic growth...

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