From October 1, 2013 the Utilities Assistance Programme (UAP) was extended to include an increase in the subsidy and maximum requirement for electrical consumption.  Other low income earners, pensioners and persons with disabilities were also added as possible eligible applicants.  Two other components were also added to Programme, all with the aim of providing more options to citizens in ensuring they can access the basic utilities of water and electricity. 



Citizens can now benefit from three components of assistance under the UAP, which are:


Subsidy to WASA and T&TEC Bills

A subsidy is applied towards the payment of the beneficiary’s WASA and T&TEC bills.


For WASA customers,

the subsidy will be applied as follows:

  • A2 customers, that is, persons with an external water supply, will receive a credit of $140.00 per year
  • A3 or A4 customers, that is, persons with an internal water supply, non-metered and metered, will receive a credit of $200.00 per year.

For T&TEC customers, the subsidy will be applied as follows from October 1, 2013

  • If electrical consumption is 600kwh or less, up to a maximum of $1056 per year


Additional eligible applicants for this subsidy are:

a. The Senior Citizens’ Pension, Disability or Public Assistance Grant, or TT Food Card. 

b. Low income pensioners over 65 years, who receive a monthly income equal to or less than of $3,500, inclusive of the pension

c. Low income persons with a certified disability, who earn a monthly income of not more than $3,500


2. Provision of a Water Tank

A one-time assistance of a water tank and fittings will be provided to eligible low income households and community facilities.


Eligible applicants for this provision are:

a. A household with a total income of no more than $6,000 per month who depend on truck borne water or have no pipe borne water can apply 

b. A Community Based Organisation (CBO), Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) and Faith Based Organisation (FBO). 


3. Provision of a Solar Panel

The provision of a solar panel which will provide an electricity supply to eligible residents in rural areas.


Eligible applicants for this provision are:

A low income household in a rural area with an income of $6,000 or less who lives in an area outside of the current electricity grid where it has been identified as uneconomical for the installation of electricity structure.  Priority would be given to an area identified by the Ministry of Health as at high risk of contracting or spreading the dengue virus.





Persons interested in becoming an applicant to this Programme extension can do so by completing the appropriate application form which can be obtained from the Ministry of Public Utilities’ Customer Service Unit or any of your Member of Parliament’s offices.   All applications are forwarded to the Customer Service Unit for processing, however the following documents must accompany the application form upon submission:


1. Applications for the subsidy to WASA and T&TEC bills:

a. Beneficiaries of the Social Assistance Programmes (Senior Citizens Pension, TT Food Card and Disability and Public Assistance Grants)

i. Valid form of identification

ii. Land Tax Receipt

iii. Certificate of Assessment

iv. Proof of Receipt of Welfare assistance or grants

v. Social Assistance File Number

vi. WASA or T&TEC Utility Bill


b. Other low income earners and persons with certified disabilities

i. NIB slip

ii. Employment/pension statement/slip

iii. Proof of disability

iv. Letter of employment


2. Applications for a Water Tank

a. Households

i. Valid form of identification

ii. Proof of income (job letter, bank statement, social assistance slip/letter 


b. Community Facilities

i. AGM report

ii. Minutes of last meeting

iii. Annual Report (applicable to managers of facilities)


3. Applications for a Solar Panel

i. Copy of Valid form of identification

ii. Land documents (Government Land and Building Tax Receipt and Copy of Title Deed or Certificate of Comfort or Letter of non-obligation from the Land Settlement Agency or other relevant Authority

iii. Proof of income (job letter, bank statement, Social welfare slip/letter)

iv. Letter from T&TEC regarding applications for electricity


For additional information please contact the Customer Service Unit at:


One Alexandra Place

#1 Alexandra Street,

St. Clair.




Phone: 628-9500 EXT 4314 

Fax: 628-6067