Throughout the world, Governments face the challenge of delivering sufficient levels of efficient infrastructure investment to support economic growth and enhance the living standards of their citizens. In Trinidad and Tobago, the Regulated Industries Commission (RIC) is an independent, statutory body established to ensure the promotion of the highest quality of utility services at fair and reasonable rates while building a credible regulatory regime that responds adequately to stakeholders concerns and also to ensure fairness, transparency and equity in the provision of utility services throughout the country. The RIC regulates the delivery of services by the Water and Sewerage Authority and the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission.

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  • Making recommendations on the award of licences
  • Monitoring and enforcing compliance with licence conditions
  • Establishing the principles upon which tariffs will be based and monitoring rates charged to ensure compliance
  • Prescribing standards for services and monitoring compliance of those standards
  • Carrying out studies of efficiency and economy of operation and of performance
  • Facilitating competition between service providers where competition is possible and desirable
  • Investigating complaints by consumers, of their failure to obtain redress from service providers
  • Imposing and collecting fees for licences
  • Ensuring that service providers earn sufficient return to finance necessary investment