The provision of a reliable electricity supply, to both commercial and residential customers, is essential to the fulfilment of Government’s expressed intent to transform Trinidad and Tobago into a developed nation by the year 2020.  The Ministry of Public Utilities’ mandate is to deliver a modern, technological enabled Electricity Sector that supports the nation’s expanding digital economy, built environment and industrial infrastructure.   Electricity and related service are delivered to the national community through the state-owned entity, the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) and the Electrical Inspectorate Division, an internal branch of the Ministry of Public Utilities.  For a list of services provided by these two organisations, please click on the list below.

Please note that Electricity Service as dispensed by T&TEC and the Electrical Inspectorate Division of the Ministry of Public Utilities.  As such, please separate the services shown as follows: -

Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission

  • Consultancy services in power systems analysis and designs
  • Electrical installation to residential, commercial and industrial customers
  • Erection of banners
  • Hurricane recovery assistance
  • Installation and commissioning of high voltage equipment
  • Installation of decorative and festive lights
  • Installation of pennants
  • Line construction
  • Rental of poles for erection of pennants
  • Safe cutting of trees