Head Office:

        Address: One Alexandra Place, #1 Alexandra Street, St Clair, Trinidad. W.I.

        Phone:  628-9500

        Fax:   628-0105

   Residential Electrification Assistance Programme (REAP) & Electrification Programme:

        Ext.: 4307, 4310 & 4313

        Email: customerservices@mpu.gov.tt


   Utilities Assistance Programme:

        Ext.:  4314

        Email: CustomerServices@mpu.gov.tt

    Customer Complaints:

        Ext.: 1131, 1116, 1117, 1120, 1122

        Email: CustomerServices@mpu.gov.tt

        Website: www.mpui.gov.tt

Electrical Inspectorate Division:

    Head (North-East) Office:

        Address: #48 Eastern Main Rd., Arouca

        Phone: 692-6548

        Fax: 692-6549

   South Office:

        Address: Maska Building, South Trunk Rd., La Romain

        Phone: 697-7976

        Fax: 697-7976

   North-West Office:

        Address:  One Alexandra Place, #1 Alexandra Street, St Clair.

        Phone: 628-9500    Ext.: 1103, 1106, 1107

        Fax: 628-0105

Meteorological Services Division:

Rawinsonde Building:

        Address: South Terminal Piarco International Airport, Piarco

        Phone: 868-669-5465/3964

        Fax: 868-669-4009

        Email: DirMeTTT@ metoffice.gov.tt

Synoptic Branch:

        Address: South Terminal Piarco International Airport, Piarco

        Phone: 868-669-4392

        Fax: 868-669-4727

        Email: synop@metoffice.gov.tt


        Please send all feedback to Email: metfeedback@gov.tt


MPU Division/Unit

Contact Person

Telephone Contact

Minister of Public Utilities 

The Honourable Marvin Gonzales  

Ext. 6104 / 6303




Permanent Secretary (Ag.)

Nicolette Duke

Ext. 6203
Deputy Permanent Secretary

Beverly Khan

Ext. 4201

Communications Unit - Manager

John Victor

Ext. 5300

Customer Services Unit:




Mauricia Pegus

Ext. 1115

        Senior Peoples Issues Interface Officer 

Onika Alleyne

Ext. 1131

        Customer Liaison Officer

Casha Charles

Ext. 1121

        People's Issues Interface Officer Jillian Radix Ext. 1109

Economic Research, Policy & Planning Division (ERRPD):




 Arlene Collis

Ext. 4218

        Senior Research Analyst



Electrical Inspectorate Division - Chief Electrical Inspector

Marlon Williams

692-6548 / 628-9500
Ext. 2002

Human Resource Services Division:




Debby Rogers

Ext. 2100

        Senior Human Resource Officer

Chandra Singh Ext. 2102

        Finance and Accounts Unit - AE I

Pamela Ramdial-Lachman

Ext. 3619

   Administrative Support Services Unit:


                Administrative Officer V

Sandra Bastaldo-Alexander

Ext. 2133

                Records Manager

Janelle Wilson-Alexander

Ext. 2149


Natalie Felix

Ext. 5500

                Facilities - Manager



Information Technology Unit - Manager

Whitnol Cunningham

Ext. 3100

Internal Audit Unit – Auditor II

Carol-Ann Babb 

Ext. 5600

Legal Services Division - Director

Danielle Salandy 

Ext. 5200

Monitoring and Evaluation Unit:



                Monitoring and Evaluation Co-ordinator Curtis Augustine Ext. 4101
                Monitoring and Evaluation Co-ordinator Ayana Olonade Ext. 4102

Sectoral Programmes and Projects Unit - Programme Manager

Arlene Johnson Lawrence

Ext. 4300

Meteorological Services Division - Director

Ezekiel Sampson